Dangerous Effects of Fentanyl Addiction

Dangerous Effects of Fentanyl Addiction

fentanyl addiction

There are literally hundreds of addictions in this world that can grab hold of someone and take them down. When thinking about addictions, many people first think about alcohol, oxycodone and heroin or cocaine. The truth is all of those are extremely dangerous addictions but there is one that many people often do not consider. Fentanyl addiction is one of the most dangerous out there and is actually 50 times more dangerous than heroin. If you have an addiction to Fentanyl or you know someone who does, please head into one of the southern California drug rehab centers for treatment. It might help if you know more about all the dangerous effect of fentanyl addiction. Even if you are the one with the addiction, that does not mean you will instantly know all the dangers.

Risk of Overdosing

There are many dangerous effects of Fentanyl addiction and one of the first is the risk of overdosing. There have been thousands of addicts who overdosed from using this drug. The thing is that many people get prescribed the drug but there are actually illegal versions of the drug as well. Both can be dangerous but the one on the street is impossible to know what you are actually getting. Don’t wait until something terrible happens; get treatment from one of the southern California drug rehab centers today.

Suppression of the Immune System

One of the other dangerous effects of Fentanyl addiction is the suppression of the immune system. This could lead to many issues in your body. You will not be able to fight off infection which is much more likely with someone who has an addiction. This is just one of the many dangers of having a suppressed immune system.

Issues with the Gastrointestinal System

In addition to the suppressed immune system, there may be many issues with the gastrointestinal system too. A Fentanyl addiction causes pain in the stomach, cramping, diarrhea, constipation and even leads to cancers of the stomach as well. You can save your gastrointestinal system by getting into one of the southern California drug rehab centers today.


One other dangerous effect of a Fentanyl addiction is paranoia. Many people may not think much of this side effect. However, it can become a huge issue. Paranoia can cause people to hurt others and hurt themselves. It can also cause them to have increased risk of anxiety and stress.

Don’t let a Fentanyl addiction destroy your life. Save your own life by reaching out for treatment in one of the best southern California drug rehab centers.