OxyContin: A Dangerous Drug with Even More Dangerous Side Effects

OxyContin: A Dangerous Drug with Even More Dangerous Side Effects


When someone takes OxyContin they are putting their body in extreme risk. The problem is that so many people are using and abusing this drug it is a bit difficult to catch all addictions. There are many southern California drug rehab centers that can help you if you are ready to overcome your addiction. There are so many dangerous side effects with OxyContin. Knowing more about these side effects may convince you or others to get into treatment. In California, OxyContin addictions are very high and something needs to change.

Noted Addiction

In addition, to many other side effects anyone who uses OxyContin, even just once, is at a risk of developing an addiction. There are hundreds of people in southern California drug rehab centers that have an addiction to this drug. It is dangerous. However, with the help of the professionals at these rehab centers, you can overcome your addiction.

Emotional Stability Issues

There are various emotional stability issues that might arise when someone is using OxyContin. Unfortunately, this is a drug that brings about anxiety, confusion, depression and many other issues too. If you have found yourself in the midst of any of these emotional stability issues please reach out for help from southern California drug rehab centers today.

Feeling Drowsy

Just about everyone who gets an addiction to this drug will become drowsy. The main reason for this is because those with addictions use way more than the drug than prescribed or needed. The drowsy effect can cause issues with driving, cause more injuries and even damage the body too.

Having Hallucinations

Many people who use OxyContin will have hallucinations. These can be very scary and can even lead someone to commit crimes. The hallucinations will be different from one time to the next. If you are experiencing these, please don’t hesitate. You can greatly benefit from getting into southern California drug rehab centers.

Violence Risk

One of the other dangerous aspects of someone using OxyContin is the increased risk to commit violent acts. There are many killings, accidents and injuries that occur as a result of the use of this dangerous drug. If you feel violence or anger building up inside of you, don’t wait until something bad happens. Get help today.

OxyContin is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. When getting into southern California drug rehab centers you can get treatment right away.