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Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out?

Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out?

There are many people who have an addiction who have a fear of missing out and you might be one of them. What does this really mean? Well, it means you feel like you have to be at every party, every bonfire and be there anytime you are invited to drink with others. You may feel like you are going to miss out on something great so you always say yes. The reality is that just motivates you to keep drinking and stick with unhealthy habits. You aren’t missing out when you stay home, instead you get a different experience. In fact, staying out of those situations helps you to experience life even more. If you have an addiction and the fear of missing out, call Southern California drug rehab centers today. They can help you overcome this fear and your addiction so call today.

What is the Fear of Missing Out?

You may understand a bit about what it means to fear missing out on something but keep reading for more information. However, the true definition of it is the anxiety you get when an exciting alcoholic event is going to be happening. You get anxious about making sure you don’t miss it. The truth is that anxiety fuels your addiction and makes things worse. If you have anxiety in regards to these things, let Southern California drug rehab centers help you to change this. You can get excited about things that don’t involve alcohol and you can have much more fun with them as well.

What happens in active addiction?

In active addiction, your fear of missing out is way worse than ever before. You may say yes to everyone and everything that involves alcohol. At points, you may even be drinking and going to places to drink alcohol most nights of the week. You may be trying to experience everything when in fact, you are stuck in an endless cycle of addiction. Choose to let Southern California drug rehab centers help you today. Don’t stay in active addiction. Start overcoming addiction and this fear today!

Combatting the Fear of Missing Out

If you are tired of having this fear and the anxiety that goes along with it, choose to combat it. Southern California drug rehab centers can help you with this right now. Get sober and start attending events that don’t involve alcohol. You will see what a true experience really is instead of just having a need to go to an event due to a fear.

These are some of the things you need to know about the fear of missing out. Choose to overcome your addiction and this fear starting right now.