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Is 30 Days a Long Enough Stay in Rehab?

Is 30 Days a Long Enough Stay in Rehab?

In California, there are so many people who start using drugs. It is quite unfortunate to see the number of addictions rising in so many counties. The good news is that many of them are able to seek rehab treatment. The question is how long should someone with an addiction be staying in a rehab. Is 30 days enough? That is often the shortest inpatient stay in many of the best drug rehab centers in California. Is it going to be enough for you to overcome your addiction? For many addicts who want to overcome their addiction, 30 days can be enough. Read more about what 30 days in a rehab can offer you.

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Many of the best drug rehab centers in California offer very beneficial 30 day rehab treatment plans. During these plans, they can teach you many excellent relapse prevention techniques. They may teach you about the benefits of counseling for relapse prevention. They can show you how to find addiction recovery meetings in your area at practically any time throughout the day. There are so many relapse prevention techniques for you to learn. The best drug rehab centers in California can teach them to you.

Treatment for a Dual-Diagnosis

There are many addicts who have a dual-diagnosis. If you have this diagnosis, you know how tough it can be. You may have a dual-diagnosis but you don’t know it yet. This means that you have an addiction along with some kind of mental health disorder. There are specialized treatments in a 30 day rehab that can help you with overcoming your mental health disorder and the addiction.

Aftercare Planning

With staying 30 days in the best drug rehab centers in California, you can plan for aftercare. After they get to know how you are doing with the treatment they provide, they can assess you on your relapse risk. This will help them to create an aftercare plan for you. This might include meetings, individual therapy, group therapy and other things as well.

Underlying Issues

Going to rehab is one of the best ways for you to find the underlying cause of your addiction. Staying 30 days in rehab is a decent amount of time to discover the underlying causes of your addiction. Once done, the rehab professionals can help to design the aftercare plan around your underlying issues.

30 days can be long enough of a stay in the best drug rehab centers in California!