Considerations in a Substance Abuse Evaluation

Considerations in a Substance Abuse Evaluation


Those with addictions will need a substance abuse evaluation to get a diagnosis and to find proper treatment. A drug rehab northern California can offer this evaluation for you. There are many considerations that are used to figure out the proper diagnosis and what treatment should be used. If you want to overcome your addiction and succeed in treatment, this evaluation can be of great benefit to you. Knowing what the considerations are can help you to be prepared for the evaluation as well.


Right before you start your evaluation you will need to fill out some forms. You may even be sent these in the mail ahead of time as well. A drug rehab northern California will assign a professional to your case to give you the evaluation. They will review your forms and personalize some questions according to your case. Other questions will be standard including asking about your history, your lifestyle and some other things. Make sure you are honest on the forms and during the questions. That will help you to get the best treatment.

Mental Health

Your mental health will also be considered when the assessment is being done. They will want to know any past and current mental health issues. Whether it is paranoia, depression, anxiety or anything else just be honest about it. They are not going to judge you. The answers and conversations about it are just going to be used as considerations to the proper treatment for you.


The professional is going to want to know what your expectations of treatment are. If you expect to take part in nature therapy or yoga, they will find a treatment plan that works for you. If you expect to be a part of different support groups, they can find you what you need. Your expectations matter because it gives them an idea of what you think or hope treatment will be.


The professional is also going to ask you about your prior treatment, family and health history. They want to know if you have been successful with certain types of treatment before. They also want to know what treatments may not have done anything for you. It is also important that they have your family history of addiction; if there is a family history at all. Your health history can play a factor in whether you are able to get any medications to curb cravings or to ease the detox period.

These are some of the considerations that are taken when getting an evaluation prior to treatment by a drug rehab northern California.