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Don’t Fear Going to 12 Step Addiction Recovery Meetings

Don’t Fear Going to 12 Step Addiction Recovery Meetings

You are on your way to living a recovering and sober lifestyle. You are ready to make any progress needed to overcome your addiction. However, even though you feel ready and you have started in Southern California drug rehab centers, why do you fear going to 12 step addiction recovery meetings? There could be many reasons why you are fearful of going to these meetings. Maybe knowing why some other recovering addicts have feared them that could help you figure out your own issue with them.

Structure of 12 Step Meetings

If you have never gone to these types of addiction recovery meetings before, you may be fearful of how they are structured. You may wonder whether you are going to be the center of attention. It might scare you that you will be forced to talk. Maybe you are concerned that there will be too many people and you will be nervous when there. These are all valid concerns about the structure of these meetings. However, you do not have to speak about yourself if you don’t want to. Nobody is going to force you into the center of attention. Southern California drug rehab centers who hold these meetings will understand how you are feeling and they won’t put pressure on you.

Talking During 12 Step Meetings

One of the main fears you may have when thinking about these meetings is that you will have to talk about yourself during them. The truth is that you should introduce your name and whether you are an alcoholic or drug addict. Beyond that point, you don’t have to share your thoughts, emotions or feelings. You don’t have to share your story unless you feel comfortable doing so. You will see in time of going to these meetings you will get more and more comfortable. The Southern California drug rehab centers can help you to see that these meetings aren’t all that scary.

Religious Aspect of 12 Step Meetings

Maybe you aren’t a religious person or maybe you are. Either way you should know that these meetings are somewhat based around belief in a higher power. That does not mean you have to be religious. Believing in a higher power is more about believing in something greater than you. You believe that something or someone is helping you to get sober and clean.

These are some of the main fears that people have when it comes to going to Southern California drug rehab centers and the 12 step meetings. Don’t be fearful. It is a step in the right direction and you can do it.