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What is Experiential Therapy and Will it Help with Overcoming Addiction?

What is Experiential Therapy and Will it Help with Overcoming Addiction?

You may hear about many types of therapies that can help someone to overcome addiction. Have you heard about experiential therapy? This is a type of therapy that isn’t talked about as often but the truth is that it does work. If you like to take more action on changes you make in life, this is one way to do that. If you have heard of zip lining and it sounds like fun, you are going to enjoy experiential therapy. You may never have thought therapy could be fun but with this kind it can be. You will get to explore your behaviors and emotions, relieve suffering and overcome addiction. If you want to get this type of therapy, call a drug rehab northern California today.

How often should you take part in experiential therapy?

There is no exact amount of time you should be using experiential therapy. It will vary depending on the severity of your addiction and how much treatment you need. It will also vary depending on other treatments you are receiving as well. Generally, those who take part in this type of therapy are using it three to four times a week. They go on various outings with other members of the drug rehab northern California they attend. Experiencing nature gives recovering addicts a chance to truly explore who they are and what they need to acquaint themselves with.

What activities are part of experiential therapy?

This type of therapy is more than doing just one thing. It is a flexible type of therapy that includes various holistic activities. Some of the most common types of activities with this therapy are zip lining, horseback riding, hiking, and many other things too. You can choose different activities that you want to take part in or you can do them with a group. If you are attending a drug rehab northern California you can ask them what activities they may have clients doing.

What else should you know about this type of therapy?

You have gotten the basics of this type of therapy. Now, there is a bit more you should know too. You are going to head into stages of your life at different times than others. You will need your own treatment plan for overcoming addiction. It is helpful to have a flexible plan when you can. This type of therapy is an excellent option to add into your plan. You can ask the drug rehab northern California you go to if they can help you use this therapy as part of your treatment plan.