What Are Reasons Why an Addict Would Refuse to Get Treatment?

What Are Reasons Why an Addict Would Refuse to Get Treatment?

When you are thinking clearly, it might seem like an addict would want to end the lifestyle they are living so they can get treatment. However, for the person who is actually struggling with the addiction, this clarity isn’t quit there. That is one of the reasons there are so many people who overdose from drugs. It would be obvious they aren’t intentionally choosing to overdose. That isn’t what they want for their life but they don’t think the same way as someone without an addiction. Many addicts who do make it to Southern California drug rehab centers get treatment and wish they would have done so sooner. However, they had some reason that kept them from doing that.

View on Addiction

Many people who do have an addiction will view their addiction as a sign of weakness. This can make them feel less than other people who don’t have an addiction. They may feel ashamed to ask for help. It is difficult for them to admit that they have this type of vulnerability. Even though most people will ask for help when the greatly need it, this type of feeling sits with many addicts for a long time before they get into treatment.


Addicts often try to give off the illusion that they have everything under control. They may know they have an addiction but they don’t want to admit it to the world. If they admit it to others, it is saying they have lost control. This could be a very self-defeating feeling and could cause them to stick in their addictive lifestyle longer. They may not feel they can call Southern California drug rehab centers because then they have to admit they have no control. When they are ready, that is when they realize letting go is part of the process.

Losing Something

While an addictive lifestyle is certainly nothing to be grateful for, sometimes addicts might be scared about things they are going to lose if they go into Southern California drug rehab centers. They may be worried they are going to lose a job if they go to rehab. The addict may be scared they are going to lose friends; even though the friends they have may not even be real friends.

These are a few of the reasons why an addict may refuse to go into treatment at Southern California drug rehab centers. They may turn around at some point. If you are an addict and are thinking these things, know that getting treatment won’t bring any judgment from the center or the other recovering addicts who are there either. You will be accepted.