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What Are the True Gateway Drugs?

What Are the True Gateway Drugs?

When talking about gateway drugs, many people immediately assume that cocaine, heroin and other similar drugs are being talked about. However, recent studies and research show that the true gateway drugs are prescription pain killers. Many of the patients at the best drug rehab centers in California say they started their addictive lifestyle with prescription painkillers. It may not seem like it when looking at the news but that gate is opened mostly with those types of prescription drugs.

What are study results?

There have been many studies done on different kinds of drugs. Just about every drug can lead someone to an addiction. Studies show that about 90 percent of those who started using heroin began their drug use with prescription pain medications. About 25 percent of those people, used prescription pain killers for as long as they could before they didn’t work as well, before they used heroin.

What about younger aged drug users?

More studies show that addicts who got into the best drug rehab centers in California, who started using drugs between 16 and 25 years of age, became addicted to prescription pain medications after just a couple of uses. Many of these addicts were only on prescription drugs for three months before going to the harder stuff. They stated they felt the need for a stronger high since they couldn’t ever get that first high they got from prescription drugs again.

Why is prescription drug abuse so high?

There are many people who have a prescription drug addiction. In many areas, it is must worse than the heroin addiction. Those who are coming into the best drug rehab centers in California are almost always addicted to prescription drugs. These drugs are way too easy to get. Some doctors prescribe them without running any tests at all. People can get them just by saying they are in pain. Even when they don’t use them, they may turn around and sell them to others while getting them free from their insurance.

The prescription pain medications are the gateway drugs. It may seem like it should be heroin or cocaine but it is not. So many patients at the best drug rehab centers in California are addicted to prescription pain killers. If this is the case for you, make the call and overcome your addiction. These drugs are dangerous to your body and your brain. They can even be fatal as well.