What Do Alcoholism and Anxiety Have to Do with One Another?

What Do Alcoholism and Anxiety Have to Do with One Another?

When looking at different addicts and other issues they have in their lives, so many of them also have anxiety. They may have a diagnosis or they just suffer without any treatment at all. What do alcoholism and anxiety have to do with one another? Well, to being with a fact approximately a third of everyone who has an addiction to alcohol also suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. This is quite the number. There are many people going to Southern California drug rehab centers who are getting treatment for their alcoholism and anxiety as well. It is also known that alcohol will worsen the symptoms of anxiety too.

Changes in Mood

When someone drinks alcohol, they have a change in their mood. Some alcoholics will feel upbeat at first when they are drinking. However, once the alcohol sets into their brain, they may become depressed. This may cause feelings of anxiety and change their mood altogether as well. If you have changes in your mood due to alcoholism, call Southern California drug rehab centers today.

Lowered Blood Sugar

Another one of the ways that alcoholism and anxiety collide is that alcohol causes lowered blood sugar. It is important to keep your blood sugar levels proper for many health reasons. When they drop fast, like they do when you consume alcohol, it causes your brain to respond with anxious thinking, stress and more. Any health issues coming from lowered blood sugar can cause anxiety to spike up as well.


When consuming alcohol your body becomes dehydrated. This is dangerous to the body for many reasons. With the connection between alcoholism and anxiety, dehydration leads to issues concentrating, focusing and often even breathing correctly. With these issues, anxiety spikes up once again. Get treatment from Southern California drug rehab centers to treat your anxiety and alcoholism.


Another connection between alcoholism and anxiety is that alcohol causes a reduction in your ability to focus. When you aren’t able to focus on getting things done or overcoming any issue in life, your anxiety may rise. Then when your anxiety rises, you have an even more difficult time focusing. The cycle becomes endless until you choose to stop it.

If you have alcoholism and anxiety, get help from Southern California drug rehab centers right away. You can get help in overcoming both of these things starting now.