What Should You Do with a Relapse?

What Should You Do with a Relapse?

The day has come that you have dreaded. You have had a relapse. What are you supposed to do now? There are many people who have a relapse and decide they are a failure. They decide there is no point in continuing their journey into recovery. What do they do? They go back to using regularly and living their addictive lifestyle. That is not what you want to do with your relapse. The best drug rehab centers in California are going to help you straighten things out and get back on track with your recovery plan and progress.

Getting Outpatient Care

You may not want to but sometimes you need to get back to the best drug rehab centers in California when you have a relapse. If you need to go to inpatient treatment or a detox program, you can do that or you can start with outpatient treatment. When you go to outpatient treatment, you are able to work along with other recovering addicts who may have had a relapse before as well. You can share stories, tips and coping skills. You can also work with the group leaders and counselors to prevent another relapse in the future.

Recognizing Reasons

When you have a relapse, don’t go back to your old addictive lifestyle. Allow the best drug rehab centers in California to bring you back to recovering again. They will help you with recognizing reasons for why you had a relapse. There might be one specific reason or there might have been a series of events that led up to it. Maybe you had a change in mindset that brought you there. Finding out the reason can help with the prevention of further relapses.

Utilize Day One

When you have relapsed, you need to utilize day one again. You may want to start this day one again by getting detox services from the best drug rehab centers in California. Let go of any guilt you may feel. Realize that you are not the only one who this has happened to. Set yourself up for success in recovery by starting the day one off right.

These are some of the things you should do with a relapse. This happens to thousands and thousands of recovering addicts. Never think you are alone when you have relapsed. You can go to 12 step meetings, a recovery program from the best drug rehab centers in California and get other treatments to help you get back onto your recovery plan.