Codependency: Is That You?

Codependency: Is That You?

When looking at the behaviors and personalities of addicts, one of the things that usually pops up is codependency. Northern California drug treatment centers are a main support for anyone with an addiction. When you have an addiction and codependency, a rehab will help you overcome that when they help with your addiction. If you continue to enable your friend or family with negative behaviors, you are codependent. What are other ways you can tell if you are codependent?


One of the main things that codependent people do is to lie for their friends and family who use drugs. They feel they need to cover up their loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol to protect them. In reality, there is no protection there. The lying can actually harm the loved one from getting treatment from Northern California drug treatment centers.


There are also people with codependency who are obsessing about how they can change their loved one. They may make plan after plan to try to change the behaviors and actions of their family member or friend. When obsessing over their loved one’s behavior, their own life gets pushed aside.

Ignoring Patterns of Behavior

There are many ways that codependent people get involved in their loved one’s addiction. Ignoring patterns of behavior that your loved one portrays is one sign of being codependent. When your loved one is doing things that are obviously harmful to their life and you ignore it without a thought, you are enabling their behaviors. Ignoring these behaviors is harmful in every way.


When you are around your loved one and you feel that you have to walk on the thin line so you don’t offend your loved one, this is codependency. Your loved one doesn’t need you to avoid their behaviors. They need to get into Northern California drug treatment centers and get treatment. Avoiding what they do is only going to keep them in denial.


There are many ways that a codependent person may protect their loved one. They may protect them from hearing others talk badly about them. This is just one example of trying to protect someone with an addiction. Northern California drug treatment centers can really protect your loved one by treating their addiction.

If you have determined you are codependent, there are groups that can help you to overcome this. Find the help you need so you can help your loved one as well.