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Timeline of Alcohol Detoxing: Get Help Today

Timeline of Alcohol Detoxing: Get Help Today

With alcohol detoxing, there is a general timeline that goes along with it. Many alcoholics keep using alcohol so they can avoid having to deal with any of these symptoms of detox. Drug rehab southern California centers are able to help with the detoxing through programs that reduce symptoms and the severity of them as well. Learn more about the timeline of alcohol detoxing so you are prepared for the process.

Between Six to Twelve Hours

When you are in between the six to twelve hours after you stop drinking alcohol, you may go through certain alcohol detoxing symptoms. The most common ones include shaking, nausea, vomiting, fast pulse, headaches, losing appetite, dehydrated body, insomnia, agitation and anxiety. If you in the detox process with these symptoms and you need help go into a drug rehab southern California today.

Between Twelve to Twenty-Four Hours

When you are in between the twelve and twenty-four hours after you have stopped drinking alcohol, there are some other symptoms of alcohol detoxing you may go through. The most common symptoms during this timeline include tremors in the hand, disorientation, losing appetite, muscle pains and aches and also seizures. If you are in this timeline of detoxing and need assistance, get into a drug rehab southern California right away.

Around Twenty-Four Hours

When you are around twenty-four hours and a bit after from stopping the consumption of alcohol, you may experience some more symptoms of alcohol detoxing. The main symptoms include insomnia, high blood pressure, delirium tremens, sweating a lot, fever, dry mouth, visual and auditory hallucinations and seizures. If you have started having any of these symptoms of alcohol detoxing, get into drug rehab southern California programs today.

When you decide that you are going to go through alcohol detoxing, you should be prepared for the timeline you will go through. There are many common symptoms of detoxing you will experience especially in the first day of detoxing. After that there will be other types of detox symptoms. During that first day is when many addicts already decide they can’t handle the symptoms and so they go back to drinking. You don’t need to do that. If you are having trouble with the alcohol detoxing symptoms, you should call a drug rehab southern California as soon as possible so you can get help with easing those symptoms. The help is there you just have to get it.