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Is a Non 12 Step Program Best for You?

Is a Non 12 Step Program Best for You?

When thinking about the process you will go through for overcoming an addiction, you may first consider 12 step treatment. For so many people living with an addiction, that will work. However, there are others who need another approach to overcome their addiction. You may want to see which Southern California drug rehab centers will off a non 12 step program. That might be what is best for you. Just because someone goes to NA or AA doesn’t mean they will succeed and just because someone uses a non 12 step program doesn’t mean they will either. It is more about the work you put into it rather than the program you attend.

Many Incorporated Treatments

If you are going to Southern California drug rehab centers, you may want to look for a non 12 step program. In this program, there will need to be many incorporated treatments. Those treatments should be worked around the needs you have for getting clean and sober. They should also revolve around the needs you will need in your recovery as well. They need to be directed towards the addiction you have and any mental health disorders you may have as well.

Effective Treatment

In addition to having multiple types of treatment, the program you attend should have effective treatment too. If going to a non 12 step program, you will want the Southern California drug rehab centers to offer a specialized program instead of something that they think fits everyone. No two people are alike and no two treatment plans will be the same. The rehab center must think of this when creating the detox, sobriety and recovery plans with their patients.

Therapeutic Treatment

When going to a non 12 step program from Southern California drug rehab centers, you should also be getting therapeutic treatment. This may include many things such as dialectic behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, EMDR, family therapy, pet therapy and much more. The majority of effective non 12 step programs will incorporate these treatments.

If you aren’t sure whether you should get into this type of program or something else, call today and find out. There are many addicts who tried and they were successful. Others needed a different type of plan for overcoming their addiction. What you need may be this or something completely different? Make the call now to find out whether it is what you need.


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