Headache Relief During Early Recovery

Headache Relief During Early Recovery

During one’s stay in the best addiction treatment centers in California, there may be some symptoms of withdrawal that are experienced. One of the most common symptoms experiences is headaches. These headaches often persist into early recovery days even outside of the rehab center. If you are experience a headache during your early recovery days, keep reading here for some tips on relieving the aches and pains.

Using Vitamins

One of the first ways to relieve a headache during the early recovery days is by using vitamins. This is actually one of the most holistic ways for relieving many withdrawal symptoms. The best addiction treatment centers in California have used vitamins for many recovering addicts. The B Vitamins are the most commonly used for treating headaches. B3 and B1 are known for reducing pain.

Using Minerals

Tryptophan, calcium and magnesium are known for helping to induce sleep which may reduce the aches and pains as well. If you are experiencing headaches during early recovery, you may want to give these minerals and vitamins a try.

Using Herbs

Herbs are also used in many of the best addiction treatment centers in California. Herbs are also a holistic way to treat many ailments during early recovery. Cayenne, peppermint, ginger and lavender are some of the most commonly used herbs for treating a headache. These are known to relieve pain. You can use them in tea or put the essential oil directly onto the skin. If you are having pain or aches in your head during early recovery, give these herbs or oils a try.

Using Water

Water is another way you can relieve a headache during early recovery. It is always important to stay hydrated. When you are in early recovery, you are going to have ups and downs with your emotions. Your body is also going to be detoxing. During this time, you need to keep your body as hydrated as possible and water is the best way for you to do that.

Additional Options

There are some other options for you in relieving a headache during early recovery. Some options that are used in the best addiction treatment centers in California are acupuncture, massage, yoga and others.

Don’t let a headache cause you to have a relapse. These are some of the best ways to relieve the aches and pains in your headache so you can stay calm and get things done.

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