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Anxiety Treatments During Early Recovery

Anxiety Treatments During Early Recovery

When in early recovery from an addiction, it is important that you have a mental health status exam done as well as your addiction assessment. This will allow the Northern California drug treatment centers to know what treatment plan and services will be best for you. There are many recovering addicts who need anxiety treatments in their addiction treatment plan. If you feel that you may suffer from anxiety, there are some anxiety treatments that might benefit you during early recovery.

Physical Anxiety Treatments

The first type of anxiety treatments you may need are they physical treatments. These include nutrition, vitamins, herbs and exercise. When you consume food that is low in nutritional value, your state of mind is going to be off a bit. In fact, eating only these foods can cause your anxiety. Some of these foods may be fats, starches and sugars. If you eat fruits, vegetables and organic proteins that can help to treat the anxiety you experience in early recovery. The main vitamins you get should be B vitamins. These help your body to be calmer so you can have relief of anxiety. Some of the best herbs for relieving anxiety are lemon balm, passion flower and kava root. The best exercises for this purpose are lifting weights, running and taking walks. These treatments are often offered at Northern California drug treatment centers.

Spiritual and Mental Anxiety Treatments

In addition to the physical treatments, you can get spiritual and mental anxiety treatments as well. These are offered at many of the Northern California drug treatment centers. Television shows can be a part of this treatment. However, you must make sure they are positive television shows such as inspirational and motivational life improvement shows. They can also be relaxing or spiritual shows as well. Planning your future can be a part of this treatment too. Making a plan for today, this week, this month and this year can help you relieve anxiety. Changing your view and perspectives on things helps in relieving anxiety too.

When in early recovery, if you suffer from anxiety, be sure to get some sort of anxiety treatments. The ones that have been mentioned above have helped many recovering addicts who attend Northern California drug treatment centers. If you try them out, they could benefit you as well. Call the rehab center today to find out which anxiety treatments are able to best help you.