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Signs That Someone Has Alcohol Poisoning

Signs That Someone Has Alcohol Poisoning

There are many hospital visits every year that involve alcohol poisoning. Sometimes people are drinking casually but other times people go overboard. Any alcohol consumption is going to be damaging to the body. It is just a matter of how severe of an extent that will be. The best addiction treatment centers in California have provide detoxing to many people who have had alcohol poisoning. If you recognize the following signs in anyone, get them medical help immediately.

Having Seizures

One of the first signs that someone has alcohol poisoning is if they are having seizures. When someone drinks a lot of alcohol, their brain is affected. The tissues in the brain are put under a lot of stress and that is when the electrical impulses start to become messed up. This is the beginning of what leads to the seizures. If you ever see someone having a seizure, they need medical attention. If the seizure is because of drinking too much alcohol, get them medical help and into the best addiction treatment centers in California.


There are many people who become unconscious due to alcohol poisoning and no those people are not just alcoholics. Some people have only tried alcohol once or twice before they experience this. Medical attention must be sought immediately when someone becomes unconscious because of alcohol poisoning. This is dangerous and immediate treatment could save someone’s life. After treatment is given, that person should get services from the best addiction treatment centers in California.

Experiencing Vomiting

When someone experiences vomiting as a result of alcohol poisoning that is not the same as throwing up just because they are drunk. This type of vomiting is damaging to the body and could become a severe problem. There have been some people who vomit and then pass out in their own vomit. Some of those people have died as a result of aspirating on their vomit. If you know of someone who is vomiting after drinking, get them medical help right away. They need to be seen and possibly even admitted to the best addiction treatment centers in California.

These are some of the signs that someone has alcohol poisoning. If you ever recognize these signs in someone, don’t leave them alone. Be sure they get medical attention and help them get into an addiction treatment center as soon as possible as well.