Signs That Your Sibling May Have an Addiction

Signs That Your Sibling May Have an Addiction

When there is any suspicion that someone has an addiction, there are some signs that may determine the reality of the situation. If you have a sibling who uses drugs or drinks a lot of alcohol, they may be addicted. Read more about the signs here to see if they are living an addictive lifestyle. If you believe they are, please call a drug rehab northern California.

Mood Swings

If you think your sibling has an addiction, you may notice they have mood swings. These may come out of nowhere or they may be having them regularly these days. They may snap at you and others for what seems like no reason at all. These mood swings will be moderate to severe. If you notice these occurring, call a drug rehab northern California to get more information.

Changes in Sleep Habits

Another thing you may notice if your sibling has an addiction is their changes in sleep habits. They may be sleeping many hours more than their normal schedule. They may be sleeping only a couple of hours each night. Some addicts might even miss sleep for a night or two and then catch up later. If you notice these sleep habit changes in your brother or sister, they could be addicted to drugs or alcohol. You can call the rehab to find out more information about this sign.

Not Holding a Job

Your sibling may have lost their job or are missing work because of their use of alcohol or drugs. They may be having you or others call into their work for them and if you or others are doing this, enabling is happening. If your brother or sister can’t hold a job because they are using drugs or alcohol, be sure you recognize their addiction and call a drug rehab northern California.

Ignoring Responsibilities

Your sibling may be ignoring their responsibilities if they have an addiction. They may not be taking proper care of their children or their home may be a mess. Your brother or sister may be skipping class if they are in school. These are some things that occur when someone has an addiction. If you notice them in your brother or sister, be sure to get them addiction help as soon as possible.

These are some of the signs that your sibling has an addiction. If you notice any of these, be sure to help them right away.

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