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Tips on Staying Clean Around the Holidays

Tips on Staying Clean Around the Holidays

There are holidays all throughout the year. When you are in recovery, it is likely that you will be getting invited to holiday parties and events. You may have learned in the best addiction treatment centers in California to avoid parties. During the first year of your recovery, that may be the best idea. However, you aren’t always able to get out of every party. Later in your recovery, you may even feel comfortable enough to attend the holidays where events and parties are being held. If you are going to attend, make sure you the best tips on staying clean available to you.

Choose What You Will Attend

When you are invited to multiple events or parties around the holidays, choose what you will attend. If you put yourself into too many situations where you will have to turn down alcohol or drugs, you may get overwhelmed. There may be far too many triggers coming up for you. Pick one or two holidays or events for each holiday and stick with those. Do not say yes to each invitation that is given to you. When you left the best addiction treatment centers in California, you may have been advised to wait a while to start going to any of these events. Make sure you keep that in mind so staying clean isn’t as difficult.

Go to Parties or Events Where No Alcohol and Drugs Will be Present

Another one of the tips for staying clean is to attend only the parties where alcohol and drugs will not be present. This way there aren’t as many triggers being pulled up for you. Now even without these harmful substances present, some parties or events might still be too much for you. Make sure there aren’t a whole lot of negative people going to the party or event so they aren’t overwhelming you either. This is one of the tips taught at the best addiction treatment centers in California.

Volunteer Some of Your Time

Another tip on staying clean around the holidays is to volunteer some of your time. You will have a reason to turn down some or even all the party and event invitations if you are volunteering somewhere. In addition, you will feel good about yourself if you are helping others.

These are some of the tips on staying clean around the holidays. If you have further questions call the best addiction treatment centers in California.