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Common Reasons Someone May Start Using Drugs

Common Reasons Someone May Start using Drugs

When it comes to addictions, there is no one reason that someone may start using drugs. Some people have multiple reasons why they begin using and others can think of only one. Some addicts have not come to a conclusion as to why they started. When going to the best drug rehab centers in California, you will work on finding out your why and then determining why you need to stay clean from here on out. Here are some of the common reasons why someone may start using drugs.


There are many people who will start using drugs because they are curious. They may be curious as to how they will feel when under the influence of drugs. Some people are curious as to whether they will have fun when using the drugs. Others just want to know what the experience will be like. Some of those who start out of curiosity will quit almost as quickly as they began. However, there are others who continue using until it becomes an addiction. Those are the ones who need help from the best drug rehab centers in California.

Influence of Culture

Some people may start using drugs due to the influence they have from culture. Drugs and alcohol are just about everywhere; television, movies, billboards, social media and in many other places as well. When teenagers hear about people doing drugs or drinking alcohol and make it sound fun, they are more inclined to do it. Anyone who started using because of this may later have another reason for why they kept using. If things had gotten too bad, they may need to get into the best drug rehab centers in California.


There are some children who are raised in an addictive or abusive environment who will start using drugs later because of that. There are some adults who are in an abusive relationship and start using to cover up the pain from that. The environment someone is in could lead them to use as a way of coping. It is quite difficult to stop using after this without the help of the best drug rehab centers in California.

Stress Relief

Some people live a very stressful life. They may find that using drugs helps to relieve the stress in a sense. Even though the addiction ends up taking so much more from there life, they have less stress when using so they don’t quit.

No matter what the reason is that you started using drugs, get help to stop before the addiction takes even more from your life.