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What Does an Addiction Assessment Do for You?

What Does an Addiction Assessment Do for You?

When you start the process of overcoming an addiction, many of the drug rehab northern California programs will have you do an addiction assessment. This is something that will assess how severe your addiction is at the time. It will assess what behaviors you may have had with your addictive lifestyle. The assessment will be used to help determine which treatments may be best for you as well. This is just the beginning. Find out more below.

Readiness and Willingness to Make Changes

Another thing the addiction assessment does for you is assesses your readiness and willingness to make changes. When you take on a recovering lifestyle, to keep your relapse risk low, you must get yourself ready. If, during the assessment, you aren’t ready yet, the drug rehab northern California employees can help you get there.

Potential for Withdrawals

The addiction assessment will look at your potential for having withdrawals. If you have had them before or you have an addiction that is more severe, the assessment will show you having a higher risk of having withdrawals. This just helps the drug rehab northern California to know what type of program to put you in. They may determine that you need a longer detox program before you go into the recovery program. This is completely normal and is needed for many of those who need treatment.

Emotional and Mental Health Status

The addiction assessment is also going to determine your emotional and mental health status. Some of those who have addictions suffer from mental health issues. Others are very emotionally wounded from past experiences. These things are normal as well. It is important that they are determined in the assessment to help you get the best treatment possible. When you do the assessment be completely honest. That will give you the best chance at recovering from the addiction.

These are some of the things the addiction assessment from the drug rehab northern California will do for you. These assessments have been used for a long time and they are adjusted as needed. They will look at your specific lifestyle and situation to figure out what will be best for you. If you are ready to overcome your addiction, make sure you have this assessment done. Even if you don’t go to inpatient rehab, this assessment can help you to lower your risk of relapse and get the best treatment plan.