addiction risk factors

Addiction Risk Factors Everyone Should Know About

Addiction Risk Factors Everyone Should Know About

Those who get into a drug rehab southern California had some addiction risk factors they may not have known about before they began using. When they finally got treatment for the addiction, they were able to make the connection between these factors and where their addictive lifestyle began. If you are still trying to figure things out so you can overcome addiction, learn more about what factors may be part of your story.

Family History

To start with, many addicts find that the family history for addictions runs in their family. This is one of the most common addiction risk factors. Think about whether others in your family have an addiction. How many people have an addiction? Who in your family has an addiction? Are they close with you? Did you grow up watching others in the family drink alcohol or use drugs? If your family history with addictions affects you, know that help for overcoming this is at a drug rehab southern California.

Psychological and Mental Health Issues

There are many psychological and mental health issues that often affect addicts. Everything including but not limited to anxiety, stress, paranoia, schizophrenia, ADHD, PTSD and more could be addiction risk factors. Having a psychological or mental health issue is extremely tough to manage. Sometimes people believe they have no other choice but to hide the symptoms with alcohol or drugs. If you have these issues, the professional at a drug rehab southern California will help you treat and overcome them.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is another one of the addiction risk factors. This happens to far too many people and generally it is within the teenage groups when it occurs. This means people too young to even start drinking will do so because of the pressure they get from their peers. If you used drugs or drinking alcohol because of peer pressure, know that the professionals at the drug rehab southern California will help you to stop using and overcome the addiction.

These are just some of the many addiction risk factors. Anything that led you to live an addictive lifestyle can be overcome. It is best to get help in treating the issues leading up to your addiction and help with overcoming the addiction itself. These factors don’t need to hold you back or keep you from living a better life.