What Things Should be Brought to Rehab?

What Things Should Be Brought to Rehab?

Going to the best drug rehab centers in California is a big deal. You are overcoming the addiction that had taken control over your life. You should be proud that you are using the courage to push yourself past that lifestyle and into a brighter lifestyle instead. Even though you may be emotionally ready to enter rehab, you may not know yet what you are supposed to bring to the program. The information here is based on general guidelines but if you need more details call the treatment center you will be going to.


You don’t want to over or under pack when it comes to clothing for the rehab stay. Packing about 9 pairs of socks and underwear will do it. You will want comfortable clothing for sandals, long-sleeves, shorts of proper length, t-shirts and jeans. If the best drug rehab centers in California you are attending has an exercise program, you should bring tennis shoes and workout clothing as well.


You should also bring toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, soap, conditioner and some light cosmetics. These are your basics that you will need daily. If you are on prescription medications or over the counter ones before going into the best drug rehab centers in California, bring those with you. They will decide how to incorporate those into your treatment plan or whether you need weaned off from them. There will be a doctor on staff.

Enrichment Activities

While you will be busy working your recovery program at the best drug rehab centers in California, there will be some time when you need to relax. Make the most of your time by enriching it will emotionally improving activities. You may want to bring books, journals, notebooks, a picture of your family or a favorite blanket.

Official Documents

Along with the above-mentioned items, you will need to bring your official documents as well. This might include your license, passport, prescription card, insurance card, cash for items at the facility, credit or debit cards, checks and a list of phone numbers or addresses to contact your loved ones.

These are the main things you should bring to the best drug rehab centers in California. Going into this program will change your life if you allow it to do so. Make sure you are prepared by having all of your stuff ready so you can take it with you during your stay.