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What Do Naltrexone Implants Do for an Addiction?

What Do Naltrexone Implants Do for an Addiction?

Unfortunately, there are many people who develop an addiction to drugs. One of the biggest concerns in many areas is prescription drug abuse. Many of the people who have this type of addiction may qualify for Naltrexone implants. While these are still somewhat controversial, they have been successful in many cases. They are effective and can help save someone from living an addictive lifestyle. If you think this might be something that could help you, call the northern California drug treatment centers right away.

What are these implants?

While the Naltrexone implants are still somewhat new, they are being used to help some addicts overcome their addiction. These are small pellets that are implanted into the lower part of the abdomen. The patient will have it implanted under local anesthetic. The implant will work for between 3 and 6 months. This time frame varies depending on which doctor does the procedure. It will also vary based on the dose of Naltrexone given and how severe the addiction is in the first place. The implant will block opiate effects from the mind and body. When this happens, it helps to break the cycle of addiction. Not every area will approve these implants and they may not suppress all cravings for drugs. Along with getting an implant, other treatments are necessary as well. If you have further questions, call the northern California drug treatment centers today.

Are there dangers to getting these implants?

Naltrexone implants could help someone overcome an addiction to prescription drugs. This type of treatment has many amazing benefits but there could be some negative side effects. These could include psychiatric disorders, overdosing, infections, withdrawals and dehydration. You can speak with a doctor at northern California drug treatment centers about this kind of treatment.

Why are some addicts choosing this treatment even though there are dangers?

Just about any medication has side effects. Being able to overcome an addiction, even with some side effects, is worth it to many addicts. The truth is that the Naltrexone implants have helped many addicts overcome addiction. These implants have blocked effects from prescription drugs so addictive lifestyles can be left behind. There is also research backing up the effectiveness of these implants.

If you would like to learn more regarding Naltrexone implants be sure to call into the northern California drug treatment centers as soon as you are able.

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