Are You Letting Excuses Keep You from Relaxing in Recovery?

Are You Letting Excuses Keep You from Relaxing in Recovery?

It is important that you are relaxing in recovery. Daily relaxation time is best but if you can’t seem to do that at least make relaxation a priority a few times each week. The best drug rehab centers in California have prepared you for living a recovering lifestyle and now it is your turn to make sure you keep control over your recovery. Relaxing regularly helps to make sure you keep things on track. If you have been letting excuses keep you from having relaxation time in recovery, it is time to change that.

Mind is Too Preoccupied

One of the excuses you may make that keeps you from relaxing in recovery is saying your mind is too preoccupied. Many recovering addicts find it beneficial to meditate, relax and take their mind off from things. The truth is if you have been using this excuse, things aren’t going to get better. In fact, it is only going to take your mind off what you learned in the best drug rehab centers in California and increase your risk of relapsing. Part of relaxing is taking the time to ease your mind so make sure to relax and stop using this excuse.

Sitting Still Isn’t on the Menu

There are many people who are go-getters and they just don’t like to sit still. They are constantly on the go doing one thing or another. If this sounds like you and you use it as an excuse not to have relaxation time, this needs to change. When you were in the best drug rehab centers in California, they kept you busy but they still had down-time. This is important at any point in your recovery. Relaxation helps allow you to get a lot done so be sure to take that time and recover from being on the go so much.

Not Feeling Better After Relaxing

Have you been telling yourself that you don’t feel any better after you relax? If so, why do you think relaxing doesn’t help you feel any better? Is it because you have it in your mind that it won’t work? Do you think about other things when you are supposed to be relaxed? If so, practice relaxation in short bursts such as three minutes at a time. Once you can make it through that time relaxed, increase the time from there.

It is important to stop letting excuses keep you from relaxing in recovery. You deserve to have relaxation time and it is going to help you have a better recovery as well, so make it a priority.