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Is Prolonged Exposure Therapy Going to Help You Overcome PTSD?

Is Prolonged Exposure Therapy Going to Help You Overcome PTSD?

Many people who end up going to a drug rehab northern California have PTSD. There are many events or situations that could cause PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When some people start having this disorder, the symptoms of it are very difficult to handle. These may include stress, nightmares, flashbacks and more. To deal with them, some will start using drugs or drinking. This can then lead to an addiction. The PTSD often gets worse when the addiction gets worse, not better. One of the treatments for PTSD is prolonged exposure therapy. It works for some people and could help you overcome the symptoms of this disorder so you can overcome addiction as well. Will it help you?

Trauma Experiences

For some people who have had trauma experiences, prolonged exposure therapy this treatment does help to overcome PTSD. There are many experiences that could be traumatic including car accidents, being in war, assault or abuse of any kind and others as well. If you have suffered from any one of these and now have an addiction, there are some drug rehab northern California facilities that have prolonged exposure therapy which could help you.

No to Little Memories of the Event

Prolonged exposure therapy is generally not recommended for people who have no to little memories of the traumatic experience. This would just bring on more symptoms of PTSD and possibly make the addiction even worse. If you have no to little memories of the event, a drug rehab northern California facility may have other treatments for your PTSD.

Need to Learn How to Breathe

For those who have PTSD and need to learn how to breathe, prolonged exposure therapy could be helpful. During the sessions, the person will learn breathing techniques. These techniques will help them through the symptoms of PTSD. They will help them overcome tough days when symptoms are at their peak as well.

Need to Get Past Obstacles

There are many people who have PTSD who can’t seem to go to certain places, be around certain kinds of people or even do certain things and certain times. For people who are affected this severely, prolonged exposure therapy might be a good option. This is something you may want to check on with the drug rehab northern California facility.

These are some of the ways to tell if this type of therapy might help you overcome PTSD and your addiction. Call today so you can find out more!