90-day rehab stay

Anything Less Than a 90-Day Rehab Stay May Not Be Right for You

Anything Less Than a 90-Day Rehab Stay May Not Be Right for You

There are some addicts who can detox, recover and stay sober for many years with minimal treatment. However, most addicts either need a 90-day rehab stay or more or would benefit further from it rather than a shorter rehab stay. Most northern California drug treatment centers offer a 90-day rehab stay or longer. Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? If so, how do you know if this is the length of stay you need? Find out some of the many benefits of a 90 day stay right now.

Increased Healing Time

When someone goes through a 90-day rehab stay they have more healing time. Yes, there is healing that can be done when someone gets home from a shorter rehab stay. However, it is often much more difficult to heal at home with all the distractions of everyday living. Generally, during the first week the addict is only detoxing and not going through recovery yet. The last week of the stay the person is generally only focused on going home. This makes a 30 day stay more like a 2-week recovery period which isn’t long enough for most to overcome an addiction. The 90 days gives them more time to recover.

More Practice

It does take practice to do anything great in life and this includes living a recovering lifestyle. When going through a 90-day rehab stay at northern California drug treatment centers, you get to practice living in recovery. You get to practice having better relationships, engaging with others, learning effective self-discipline and much more. The longer you work at these things, the better you get at them. The better you get at them, the better chance you have to staying clean and sober when you go home.

Getting the Break You Need

It may be difficult to admit it but you do need a break from your life at home. If you have an addiction, getting away from the distractions at home will help you to recover from the addiction. There might be drama at home that would distract you in early recovery. The stress of damaged relationships may be too much in early recovery to handle without proper recovery practice. Being in northern California drug treatment centers gives you the break you need before handling all these things.

These are some of the reasons a 90-day rehab stay may be just what you need to overcome addiction.