What Might Your Schedule in the Rehab Center Be Like?

What Might Your Schedule in the Rehab Center Be Like?

If you are worried about what things are going to be like when you get into the drug rehab southern California, one thing you may want to know more about is the schedule. You may want to know what most days are going to be like during your stay in the rehab center. This is something many addicts going into treatment want to know. The first thing to note is that the schedule may be different from one rehab facility to the next but generally they have some common similarities.

Medical Reviews

During the drug rehab southern California stay, there will be medical reviews. You will be seen by the doctor on-staff. They may offer you drug detox in the beginning. Afterwards, you will get regular medical care, especially if you have any physical or mental health issues that need to be cared for. You might get urine and blood tests to make sure you are staying sober in the rehab center.


The rehab center may have classes for you to attend as well. These are generally in the morning or sometimes in the afternoon as well. Some of these may be in group form and others may be prepared as a lecture form. They teach the recovering addicts about relapse prevention and a bit more about the addiction too. You may learn coping skills, how to find work after being in rehab and how to build relationships.


During the stay in the rehab center, you may attend therapy sessions as well. The individual therapy sessions are available. These allow you to develop a connection with yourself and speak one-on-one with a trained counselor. During group therapy, you can get together with other recovering addicts to share stories, work on the steps, talk about experiences, build trust and so much more.

Free Time

Generally, every day in the drug rehab southern California facility, you will have some free time scheduled as well. The rehab center wants to be there to help you overcome addiction but they don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by constantly being checked in on. The free time gives you time to reflect and relax a bit.

These are some of the things you may want to know about what your schedule might be like in the rehab center. You will be taken care of and there will be a lot of guidance as well.