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Types of Behavioral Therapy That May Be Used in Your Treatment Plan

Types of Behavioral Therapy That May Be Used in Your Treatment

There are many tools, therapies, resources and techniques that may be used in your treatment to overcome addiction. During the stay in the best drug rehab centers in California, you may be exposed to many things that you never knew about. These things can benefit your recovery, help you live the life you deserve and give you so much more to improve your life. One of the things that may be used in your treatment is behavioral therapy. Learn more about the many types of this therapy here today.

Aversion Therapy Sessions

One of the types of behavioral therapy is aversion therapy sessions. This is one of the most commonly used behavioral therapies. It is a reconditioning process where you would get a reaction that is unpleasant to a negative behavior. This therapy has been used for many years. One example is someone taking a medication that would make them get really sick after they had drunk alcohol to get them off the thought of drinking. The goal for this therapy is to change the feelings one has about risky behaviors.

Systematic Desensitization Sessions

Another one of the behavioral therapy options is the systematic desensitization sessions. This type of therapy uses the patient’s fears and slowly works on a plan to help them conquer the fears. It is very beneficial in someone who has had traumatic experiences. Many people use alcohol and drugs to medicate themselves. These therapy sessions combat fears associated with their use so the recovering addict can move forward.

Motivational Therapy Sessions

Motivational therapy sessions are another type of behavioral therapy. The sessions are very powerful. The recovering addict would talk about what motivates them during the therapy sessions so they can make changes to help reach the preferred goals. During these sessions, the counselor and recovering addict work together in building upon these goals.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Sessions

Lastly, the cognitive behavior therapy sessions are another option for behavioral therapy. This is a very popular and widely known choice for treating addictions. It helps the recovering addict to identify and reduce stress and change other negative behaviors into positive ones.

These are the types of behavioral therapy that are often used to help addicts overcome their addiction. If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may want to talk to a professional about adding any one or more of these to your treatment plan.