Is Codependency Something You Need to Worry About?

Is Codependency Something You Need to Worry About?

Many people in this world are reliant on trying to constantly satisfy someone else’s needs over their own. This is called codependency and is often associated with addictions. Many addicts are people pleasers or codependent and they aren’t happy unless they are able to make someone else happy. Since they can’t control other’s happiness or pleasure, they often leave situations feel disappointed in themselves, leading to even more drinking and drug using. If you are codependent and you also have an addiction, then yes, it is something that needs to be treated. Northern California drug treatment centers have professional staff members who are qualified to help you with this issue. How can you tell if you have codependency? Keep reading.

Bad Self-Esteem

Think about how you feel about yourself. Do you put yourself down often? If you don’t make someone else happy when you tried so hard, do you say bad things about yourself? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you may have bad self-esteem. You may not believe in yourself or the choices that you make. With bad self-esteem due to codependency, you will have a very rough time trying to overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol. However, Northern California drug treatment centers can help you boost self-esteem and overcome the addiction as well.

Little to No Boundaries

Now take some time to think about your boundaries. Do you have any or do you let others walk all over you? Are you constantly letting others make up your mind instead of doing it for yourself? Do you change your plans or values because others don’t agree with them? If you have little to no boundaries, then yes, you probably have codependency which will make it difficult to overcome the addiction. Work with Northern California drug treatment centers to overcome it all.

People Pleaser

It is now time to take a look back in life. For as far back as you can remember, have you done whatever you could to make other people happy and satisfied? Have you made sacrifices just to try to suit someone else’s needs? Do other makes you feel bad or manipulate you into doing things for them because they know you will do it? If you have said yes to these questions, you may have codependency. When you are in the Northern California drug treatment centers, you can work with trained professionals to stop the codependent and addictive behaviors.

These are some of the signs that you may have codependency. If you feel this rings with your behaviors and you have an addiction, make the call to the rehab facility today!