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Healthier Lifestyle Tips for Recovery from an Addiction

Healthier Lifestyle Tips for Recovery from an Addiction

When taking on a life of recovery from an addiction, it is important you make your life as healthy as possible. This may take some time to get used to as the changes may be significant in many aspects of your life. After living an addictive lifestyle, you may need to learn the proper skills to make your life healthier. If you have gone to a drug rehab southern California, you have gained some of the skills already. If not, don’t worry because these healthier lifestyle tips are going to help you improve many areas of your life.

Drinking More Water

One of the healthier lifestyle tips to help you recover from addiction is to drink more water. This may be an overly used healthy tip but it works. To recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, your body needs to detox. Drinking more water allows your body to function better…digest, absorb, circulate, transport and maintain. Keeping hydrated during your recovery lays a healthy foundation for all other areas in your life. Yes, you may have already heard this tip in the drug rehab southern California but it is a good one and it helps.

Eating More Antioxidants

Another one of the healthier lifestyle tips is eating more antioxidants. These are found in chocolate, teas, vegetables and fruits. They protect the cells in your body and fight off toxins. The antioxidants are the foundation to a healthier lifestyle. Your body will function better when you eat more of them. The alcohol and drugs have destroyed or damaged so many of your bodily functions and these are going to help restore those functions.

Taking in More Fat

Wait a second…yes, you read that correctly. You should be taking in more fat, just make sure those are dietary kinds of fat. These are part of the foundation to a healthier lifestyle. You need more unsaturated fats which are in avocados, nuts, olives and fish oils. They lower cholesterol numbers and improve the immune functioning of your body. Additionally, they help to restore some brain functions that may have been damaged before you received help from the drug rehab southern California.

These are just some of the healthier lifestyle tips to use when going into recovery from an addiction. You have a choice to take control back over your life and these tips are just what you need to make that happen.