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Signs to Look for When Recognizing a Heroin Addict

Signs to Look for When Recognizing a Heroin Addict

If you think someone you know is a heroin addict, there are some signs to look for to give you a better idea if that is true. Sometimes they may seem like it but be doing other drugs instead. You may also find there are other health issues or major life changes going on. If you recognize the following signs, it may be that the person in your life needs to enter the best drug rehab centers in California.

Finding Metal or Glass Pipes

If you are thinking that someone you know may be a heroin addict, it could be true if you are finding metal or glass pipes around where they spend their time. Sometimes these may be on nightstands, in the bathroom or even anywhere else in the house if they are careless with them. Some addicts are good at hiding these things though so you may not recognize this.

Elastic Belts

You may find elastic belts or bands lying around as well. These are used to tighten around their arm so they can inject the drugs. If you find these lying around, it is almost a sure sign they are using drugs. They probably need to get into the best drug rehab centers in California as soon as possible.

Dry Mouth

Do you notice that someone in your life has a dry mouth constantly? They may state this is happening or you may notice they need to drink a lot to keep their mouth hydrated. Dry mouth is just one of the signs of a heroin addiction but it could be a sign of many other things as well.

Flushing of the Skin

Many heroin addicts will have flushing of their skin as well. This may be around the injection site, in their face and even other places on their body. If you notice this happening, don’t ignore it. They may even need immediate medical attention.

Lack of Concentration

The person if your life you suspect has a heroin addiction may have a lack of concentration. They may get distracted easily and have a difficult time focusing on anything. When you speak to them, you may find them dosing off or not paying attention.

These are just some of the many signs that you know a heroin addict. If they have an addiction, they may need help from the best drug rehab centers in California.