Why Are You Hiding from Your Addiction?

Why Are You Hiding from Your Addiction?

Being in denial about an addiction to alcohol or drugs can be one of the worst things for your life. It won’t get you the help you need. It isn’t going to change the fact that you are addicted either. So, why are you hiding from your addiction? The truth may not even be in the forefront of your mind but it is in there. If you can figure out why you are hiding from your addictive lifestyle, you will be more likely to get help from the best addiction treatment centers in California to overcome it.

Scared to Admit the Addictive Lifestyle to Others

One of the reasons many addicts are hiding from their addiction is because they are scared to admit their addictive lifestyle to others. You are right. This can be a scary thing. However, when you do open up to others and tell them the truth, you may just be surprised. There may be many people in your life who already knew you were living like that, they just haven’t said anything yet. If you are scared to make this admission, call the best addiction treatment centers in California for help.

Scared of the Unknown

Overcoming an addiction is like changing your entire ways of living, so yes, that can be scary. It is a world of unknown changes that you are about to explore. Stepping in can be a bit challenging if you have this fear. However, you should know that if you go to the best addiction treatment centers in California, they will help you through this fear. They won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. The unknown is scary for most people, not just addicts.

Scared of Losing Something

When you stop using drugs or alcohol, you are losing something or it feels like it. Don’t worry because many addicts feel that exact same way. They feel like they are losing a part of themselves, especially if they have suffered from an addiction for a long time. If you are scared of losing something and that is why you haven’t gotten help yet, do this. Write down all the benefits you can have from getting clean and sober. Also, write down all the negative and unhealthy things that alcohol and drugs have brought into your life. This may help you overcome this fear.

These are some of the reasons you may have been hiding from your addiction. Once you can come terms with the why, you may be more likely to ask for help and treatment.