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What Health Risks are Associated with Binge Drinking?

What Health Risks are Associated with Binge Drinking?

You may not realize it but there are millions of people in the world who binge drink. They may not admit it or even realize it but they are binge drinking. There are so many health risks associated with any consumption of alcohol, especially when it comes to this type of drinking. Some of those who are or have been in Northern California drug treatment centers have dealt with these health issues. Some of them can reverse the damage that has been done and others aren’t.

Decreasing Bone Strength and Mass

When someone is binge drinking, they are decreasing their bone strength and mass. Putting that much alcohol into the body in a short time frame greatly increases risks of developing osteoporosis. Binge drinkers may even start to feel weaker and generally, that is their bones getting weaker the more they drink. If you have been feeling this way it is time to get into Northern California drug treatment centers.

Heart Health Issues

Another one of the health risks associated with binge drinking are the heart health issues. Those who are binge drinkers are greatly damaging their heart. Studies have shown that those who drink in this way are two times as likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease than those who don’t binge drink. Some of the times these heart health issues can be treated and possibly reversed. Other times they are irreversible and create lifelong issues.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Binge drinking can increase the risk of cancer as well. These types of cancer generally consist of breast, throat, liver and esophagus cancers. Drinking can damage every area of the body, especially in these areas. Binge drinkers are putting so much alcohol into their body in a short amount of time that their body can’t protect itself.

Brain Damage

Another one of the health risks associate with binge drinking is brain damage. This is more common in those who binge drink when they are younger such as teenagers. The brain damage in many is irreversible. It can cause Alzheimer’s, early onset. Some will develop dementia. Others will have brain damage to the point where their brain can’t function as it should.

These are some of the health risks associated with binge drinking. If you are have been drinking in this manner, please seek help from Northern California drug treatment centers today.