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Holistic Pain Relief During Recovery from Addiction

Holistic Pain Relief During Recovery from Addiction

During recovery from addiction, there are many ways you can choose to relieve pain. Some of them require relapsing and that is not what you want after getting treatment from a drug rehab southern California. There are holistic pain relief options that may better suit you in recovery. Before jumping into any thoughts, just give them a try a few times. See what they can do for you when you believe they will help. You just might be amazed at how great they change things around in your life.

Using Guided Imagery

One of the holistic pain relief options is guided imagery. This allows you to release tension throughout your body which in return reduces pain as well. Visualize something calming so that the tension leaves your body. You are swimming in a beautiful lake of warm water. The sun is shining down and there is laughter all around. This is just one example of guided imagery. Close your eyes and imagine something that calms your body and relaxes you. After going to a drug rehab southern California, this technique can help to relieve pain and keep you clean from drugs too.

Using Biofeedback Therapy

This is a technique that is very much like the guided imagery ones. It uses your own power to control what is happening with your body. During these sessions, there are electrodes which are put onto your skin. They are connected to the monitor. These cause your body to involuntarily move which helps to reduce pain. It is actually used in some of the drug rehab southern California centers.

Depression Treatment

Another holistic pain relief option is depression treatment. Did you know that being depressed can actually make you in more pain? If you are suffering from depression, it is important that you get treatment for it as soon as possible. You want to make sure you don’t relapse because of the depression as that could happen. People who are depressed generally don’t care what happens to them so they may use drugs again.

These are some of the holistic pain relief options that you have when in recovery from addiction. There is no need to use pain medications again. You don’t want to risk relapsing because of even on prescription. Choose to incorporate these holistic choices into your recovery to see what works for you. They can help you more than you may realize.