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Tips for Anger Management in Your Recovery

Tips for Anger Management in Your Recovery

One of the biggest reasons recovering addicts relapse is because of anger. When someone is filling their life with anger, it can take over everything they do. It can take over their relationships and tear them down. The anger can cause them to lose jobs and their home. It can lead them to make some very unhealthy decisions. When in recovery, severe anger has no place. You can get help from the best drug rehab centers in California and go to meetings to learn how to better handle this negative emotion. The anger management tips here today can be your go-to if you need as well.

Going on a Walk

One of the best anger management tips for your recovery is going on a walk. This is going to help you get yourself out of the stressful or angry situation. While away, you can relax and get some exercise. This gives your body and your mind time to breathe and calm down. Many of the best drug rehab centers in California have the patients go on walks regularly around the rehab center campus.

Practicing Assertiveness

You can also start practicing assertiveness as an anger management tip. This is something taught is many of the best drug rehab centers in California as well. For example, when in recovery one of your old friends may come over and ask you to go to a party. You are angry and you normally would yell or start an argument. Instead, practice deep breathing, stay calm and tell them you can’t go. Let them know you don’t want them to ask again unless you say otherwise.

Don’t Hold Things In

One of the biggest things that makes recovering addicts angry is holding things in. It can be tough learning how to better manage emotions in recovery. However, if you are keeping the things in that make you angry, you become a ticking time bomb. You must learn how to properly manage your emotions, especially anger.

Write Things Down

You can also write things down to help with anger management. This is something that is done with recovering addicts in many of the best drug rehab centers in California. You can write down your experiences, feelings and situations you go through. Write down what makes you angry and what you can do to change this.

These are some of the anger management tips you can use in your recovery. Be sure to try them out and see if they help you with relaxation and bring more calmness into your life.