Know About These Triggers to Keep Yourself Clean from Drugs

Know About These Triggers to Keep Yourself Clean from Drugs

If you have gone to the best drug rehab centers in California and you want to keep yourself clean from drugs, you should know about the following triggers. They are triggers that cause far too many recovering addicts to relapse and that is not something you need to go through. You can stay clean. When you learn how these triggers might affect someone and learn to prevent them from happening, you can stay clean. Now, there are some in which you can’t control but you can manage your emotions throughout them so you don’t relapse.

Traumatic Events

There may be some point in your life where a traumatic event happens to you. Sometimes this is in the form of abuse in some way. Other times it may be a result of a car accident. Someone important to you may pass away. These things happen in life and they can be very traumatic. If any of these things happen after you have finished at the best drug rehab centers in California, just know that you can overcome them. There may be many emotions attached to these events. Therapy, journaling, speaking with a sponsor, working with your support network and going back to treatment if need be, are all ways to make it through these events to keep clean from drugs. As mentioned above, this is one of the triggers that is out of your control.

Isolating Socially

Another one of the triggers that may keep you from staying clean from drugs is isolating socially. While you shouldn’t be hanging around others who will be enabling you to use drugs, it is important to still have a social life. Sitting home all on your own will only bring about feelings of anger, resentment and loneliness, all of which could cause a relapse. Find other recovering addicts to spend your time with. Create a schedule where you visit others who are on your support network.

Being Over-Confident

You might find that one of your triggers is being over-confident. It is excellent that you have confidence you will stay clean from drugs. However, when you let that confidence sway you from continuing to work your recovery program after leaving the best drug rehab centers in California, that is when you are more likely to relapse.

These are some of the triggers that you may recognize in your recovery. Be sure to prevent them or at the very least, manage your emotions as best as possible when these come up.