Know About These Triggers to Stay Far Away from Relapsing

Know About These Triggers to Stay Far Away from Relapsing

If you want to stay as far as possible away from relapsing, there are some triggers you may want to know about. The best addiction treatment centers in California teach about these things so recovering addicts can be prepared for going home. Sometimes preventing a relapse can be tougher than it may seem. If you can’t recognize what your triggers are, you may not see the relapse coming. However, on the other hand, if you know what they are you can stay away from them so you can stay clean and sober.

Having Pity on Yourself

One of the triggers that you should know about is having pity on yourself. Pitying yourself is almost a sure way to start relapsing. Are you always thinking the world is out to get you? Do you feel sorry for yourself a lot? Do you play the victim in many stories in your life? If you can answer yes to any of these, you are pitying yourself and it isn’t going to turn out well for your sobriety. To stay far away from relapsing, stop the pity and take responsibility for making changes in your life.

Arguing More Than Necessary

Yes, everyone argues from time to time. However, if you are arguing more than necessary with those in your life, you are pushing yourself closer and closer to relapsing. First, anger is one of the triggers that you should try to reduce or stay away from. Second, if you are constantly arguing the structure of your relationships is going to decline. This can lead to loneliness and then cause a relapse. When in the best addiction treatment centers in California, you may be taught that arguing should be avoided at all cost and that is true. If you can prevent an argument, do so, for the sake of your sobriety.

Social Enabling

There may be people who you meet or who are in your life who try enabling you. This is one of the biggest triggers that could lead you straight to relapsing. The more others in your life are pressuring you, the harder it may be for you to stay sober. If there seems to be social enabling in your life, you may need to stop spending time around those people.

These are some of the triggers you may want to know about so you can stay far away from relapsing. If you can prevent these in your life or keep them to a minimum, you can protect your sobriety.