What Types of Thoughts Fill Your Mind with Anxiety?

What Types of Thoughts Fill Your Mind with Anxiety?

As you get home from the best drug rehab centers in California, one of the emotions you want to keep very low or gone fully is anxiety. Living in a recovering lifestyle with a lot of anxious thoughts can put your sobriety at risk. It can put your entire recovery at risk. This doesn’t mean you will need to start all over. It just means you may have to backtrack a lot and regain your footing again. Figuring out what types of thoughts fill your mind with anxiety is the first step to getting rid of this emotion.

Dangerous Reasoning

One of the thoughts that could cause anxiety to arise is dangerous reasoning. Put your daily thoughts into your mind for a bit. Do you find yourself thinking that there is something bad or dangerous going on because you have anxiety? If you think this on a daily or regular basis, it is no wonder the anxious thoughts won’t go away. The more you think like this, the more the anxious thoughts will take over. When you have come home from the best drug rehab centers in California, try to keep your mind in a safe place. Think of or make a list of safe places and safe situations to remember when your mind goes to that spot.

Reading Minds

Another thing that could cause your anxiety to act up is reading minds. You don’t know what anyone else is thinking unless they say so and the same goes for them. Trying to read their minds will cause a lot of anxious thoughts. Maybe you think they are mad or irritated with you just because of a look they had on their face. In reality, it may have nothing to do with you. In your mind, you brought it up to be something you must have done wrong. Don’t let your mind go to this place either. In the best drug rehab centers in California, recovering addicts learn to ask questions and express themselves. This is the perfect advice instead of trying to read someone’s mind.

Should-Haves and What-Ifs

You may be getting a lot of anxiety because you have a lot of should-have and what-if thoughts roaming through your mind. These types of thoughts are dangerous to your recovery and sobriety. They make you think you are have done something wrong. You start to think you should do everything differently. This brings about a lot of regrets which isn’t something you need in a recovering lifestyle. If you catch yourself saying should and what-if, change that thought immediately.

These are some of the thoughts that bring about anxiety in your recovery. Change your thoughts, change your mindset, all to improve your recovery!