Drugs Most Often Abused by Addicts

Drugs Most Often Abused by Addicts

There are a variety of drugs that are often abused by addicts. When someone gets a prescription medication and they don’t use it as prescribed, this is called drug abuse and it does turn into an addiction, if not caught early enough. Anyone who suffers from this may need to go to Northern California drug treatment centers. Learning about the drugs that are most often abused by addicts can help you to get treatment or prevent the addiction from occurring before it happens.


One of the drugs that is most often abused is Valium. This is often prescribed for treating anxiety and panic disorders. For many, it calms them down so they don’t feel so anxious. It is quite a strong sedative drug and many feel extremely relaxed when taking it. Some people will even mix this drug with others to get an even stronger effect. If you have an addiction to this drug, get to Northern California drug treatment centers today.


Another one of the drugs most often abused by addicts is oxycodone. This drug is also known as Percocet and OxyContin. It is an opioid drug that alters the state of the brain and how it reacts to pain signals. This is a strong sedative drug that often puts the user into a euphoric state and blocks them from feeling pain. This is the number one reason why it is abused so often. If you have been abusing or are addicted to this drug, call Northern California drug treatment centers right away.


Another type of drug abused often is Amphetamine. This drug is usually prescribed for narcolepsy and ADHD. For those who don’t actually have these disorders, this drug can give them a lot of extra focus and high levels of energy. When this is abused and combined with other drugs, it is extremely addictive. If you have abused or are becoming addicted to this drug, please seek out treatment today.

You don’t have to become addicted to these drugs. If you have abused them but haven’t formed an addiction yet, there is treatment still available to you. If you are already a drug addict, calling into the treatment center today is the best choice. You can stop using these drugs by going through detox. The rehab center will then help you work a recovery program so you can stay clean and not use any of these again.