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What is Rock Bottom for an Addict?

What is Rock Bottom for an Addict?

The term rock bottom is used for many people who have a drug or alcohol addiction. Some addicts never hit this bottom because they get help from a drug rehab southern California first which is great. However, there are many others who don’t even realize they have an addiction, until they are at their bottom. Some people, even then, don’t quite recognize there is a problem. So, what exactly is rock bottom for an addict? Well, the truth is there is no exact definition for this bottom but there are some basics.


One of the ways to tell that an addict has hit rock bottom is when they experience legal issues. Many alcoholics will end up with a DUI or OWI. They may also get a charge for being drunk in public areas. Some people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will get into fights as well. There are many legal issues that come from hitting rock bottom as an addict. Getting drug rehab southern California help is a good start. Most addicts can’t make their legal issues disappear but they can learn how to handle them and not let it happen again.


Emotional issues are another way to tell that an addict has hit rock bottom. When going to a drug rehab southern California, addicts learn how to overcome these issues. They may have developed anxiety, stress, paranoia, hallucinations or something else. When these emotional issues arise, the addict will often use more alcohol or drugs, to try covering them up but it only comes back.


Medical issues are a common thing between addicts who hit rock bottom. Many addicts experience kidney, liver and heart issues. Other experience lung or skin issues. The medical complications as a result of alcohol and drug use, especially over a long period of time, can be fatal. Getting into a drug rehab southern California as soon as possible to treat the addiction and these issues is a must.

This is what rock bottom might mean for many addicts. As mentioned above, some addicts never recognize they have an addiction until it is far too late. Hitting rock bottom does not mean there isn’t any hope. In fact, it means you have seen how bad things have gotten and that drug rehab southern California is the way to go. Call into the rehab facility today!