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Overcoming a Legal Obstacle in Recovery

Overcoming a Legal Obstacle in Recovery

Those who received a legal charge while they were using alcohol and drugs may find it very tough to get by. When they get home from Northern California drug treatment centers, they may finally realize just what this legal obstacle does in their life. It can interfere with their home life, job, relationships and so much more. However, overcoming things becomes a recovering addict’s specialty. This may be just one of those things that needs to be overcome.

Home Life

One of the things that gets wrapped up in a legal obstacle from the addictive lifestyle is one’s home life. After going to the Northern California drug treatment centers, the recovering addict may learn their home life is different. Others who live in the home may be on edge about the consequences of the legal charge. For instance, those who get a felony from the addiction, can’t have guns in the home or can’t live near or around others who are using drugs or alcohol. This may not seem like a big deal and may seem like a good thing. However, the home life could be affected by this. Talking with the people in the home is a good start for overcoming this issue.


Another thing that might be affected by a legal obstacle from the addiction is one’s job. After being in the Northern California drug treatment centers, recovery can finally begin. However, recovering from the legal charges may be a bit more difficult. Getting a job with a felony or even a misdemeanor on one’s record can be tough. There are some places who don’t run a background check. However, it is becoming more and more common for even fast food restaurants to run this check on potential employees. Going through job training and being honest is the best bet. Don’t try to hide it.

New Relationships

Relationships are also affected by the legal obstacle which developed from the addiction. When getting into new intimate relationships or friendships, this legal obstacle will follow you. While you don’t need to tell these people immediately when you meet them what happened, hiding it from them is being secretive and isn’t good for the foundation of the relationship.

If you have a legal obstacle from the addiction, work through it. Northern California drug treatment centers can talk to you more about this. However, just know that hiding it from others is not usually the way to go.