What Should You Know About Insomnia and an Addiction?

What Should You Know About Insomnia and an Addiction?

There are many relations between sleeping disorders and an addiction. One of the common issues is insomnia. Many who have gone through the best drug rehab centers in California have received treatment for this sleeping issue. Many people will start using drugs or alcohol to treat insomnia while others will develop it as a result of their use. Opiates, alcohol, benzo drugs and NyQuil are all often abused to self-medicate for this sleeping issue. The addiction develops fast as these are all addictive drugs.

Alcohol Dependency

People who have alcohol dependency often have a tough time getting to sleep. Their circadian rhythm is off. This is partially because the alcohol causes there to be a delay in the secretion of melatonin. Many alcohol dependent people also have a reduced sleep drive which causes the insomnia to get worse as well. Going to the best drug rehab centers in California can help treat the alcohol dependency and the addiction.

Drug Addiction

Those who have a drug addiction also may experience insomnia. They may have trouble getting to sleep, have broken-up sleep, not feel rested after sleep and even go days without sleep as well. Dealing with this issue, amongst the addiction, puts the person in a never-ending cycle of sleeplessness, using drugs and back and forth. Getting into the best drug rehab centers in California right away is necessary to treat these problems.

Stimulant Problems

Many people try to use stimulants so they feel more awake. However, that doesn’t work. These drugs cause worse efficiency of sleep, less sleep in REM and some hypersomnia as well. There could be nightmares and vivid dreams with these drugs too. The sleeping issues generally get worse so the addict may take more of the drug, hoping it will work. When going to the best drug rehab centers in California, the addict can stop using these drugs so they can finally overcome the addiction.

Over time in recovery and sobriety, the sleep may go back to normal. It may go back to a healthy state. This will take time as the body needs time to adjust to what is normal. That is because it is so used to being awake, not falling asleep well and having broken-up sleep. If you suffer from insomnia and an addiction, please call today so you can get treatment for both these things.