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Don’t Let the Addiction Lies Hold You Back

Don’t Let the Addiction Lies Hold You Back

There are many lies you might hear about addictions and who is an addict. Don’t believe in those lies. It is best to know the truth about the best drug rehab centers in California and addictions. The more you know about the truth, the better things will be for you if you are an addict. Please note that you can get into treatment immediately if you just make the call or come on in. There are so many ways that you can get help with overcoming an addiction and knowing the truth is just the beginning. Don’t let the following addiction lies hold you back from treatment.

Lie #1: An Addiction is Just a Character Weakness

Addictions are so much more than just a character weakness. They are diseases which are truthfully, very difficult to overcome. However, they are not impossible to overcome. Addictions are inside the brain, mind and body of the addict. It isn’t something they chose to do, living an addictive lifestyle. The person may have chosen to take their first drink or use drugs but from there the addiction took over. This is one of the addiction lies you must stop believing. Once you do, you will see that you need help to overcome the addiction and not to just change your character.

Lie #2: Addicts Don’t Deserve Friends

There are far too many people who think that addicts don’t deserve friends. Many people believe that addicts are bad people who do terrible things. They think the addicts don’t deserve to have people care about them. This is another one of the addiction lies you shouldn’t believe. There are so many addicts who have gone to the best drug rehab centers in California who needed more support from their family and friends. They may not have gotten that because people believed in this lie. Addicts are people too and they deserve support and love just like anyone else.

Lie #3: Only Jobless People are Addicts

Another one of the addiction lies is that only jobless people are addicts. This couldn’t be farther from being true. There are so many people who work and then lose their jobs because of the addiction. However, there are also so many people who are high functioning addicts who are able to keep their jobs while still abusing drugs or alcohol.

These are some of the addiction lies you must let go of. If you are going to let yourself believe that the best drug rehab centers in California can help you overcome addiction, you need to know the truth.