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Can Physical Therapy Help in the Treatment Process?

Can Physical Therapy Help in the Treatment Process?

There are many people who know about individual and group therapy as part of the best drug rehab centers in California treatment programs. However, one type of treatment that isn’t discussed enough is physical therapy. You see, there are so many people who abuse alcohol and drugs because they are in a lot of pain. Some have never even tried physical therapy to help reduce their pain and it can make a huge difference. So, does physical therapy help in the treatment process?

Improving Muscle Growth

The truth is that many drugs and even alcohol can deplete some muscles in the body. Even though some use alcohol or drugs to cover up the pain they experience, using can actually decrease muscle mass which leads to more pain. That, then, leads to people using more and more drugs and alcohol to cover up the additional pain. In the best drug rehab centers in California, one treatment might be physical therapy. This could help you to build muscle growth and reduce pain levels.

Improving Physical Health

Using physical therapy during the treatment process at the best drug rehab centers in California could improve physical health as well. After using drugs or alcohol for any amount of time, it does impact the body. It can lead to health issues, weight gain or weight loss and loss of energy. One way to improve all of these things and regain control over your physical health is through physical therapy. If you aren’t sure or still have more questions, call the best drug rehab centers in California today.

Improving Emotional Health

While physical therapy may seem like it is only for the benefit of physical health, it can also help many recovering addicts with emotional health as well. Most recovering addicts, especially those in early recovery, are feeling down. They feel like they lost something. When going to physical therapy sessions, you can regain your confidence. You can feel better about doing something more that benefits your overall being and lifestyle in recovery.

These are some of the reasons why physical therapy could help during the treatment process. If you are looking for another way to go about your recovery plan, this is one thing that you may want to add in. Call up a rehab center today and see if this is something you could be doing.