What Role Do Children Play in a Family Member’s Addiction?

What Role Do Children Play in a Family Member’s Addiction?

Many people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol like to believe they aren’t hurting anyone except for themselves. In fact, many who are still living an addictive lifestyle don’t even think they are harming themselves. The truth is there are many people who use drugs or alcohol or who are high or drunk around children and it is very difficult for those children. The best drug rehab centers in California can offer treatment for these addicts so the children no longer have to be around that environment.

Acting Like an Adult

One of the roles that children play in a family member’s addiction is that they act more like an adult. Many of the kids in these families will lose their childhood. They may feel responsible for taking care of the home and even taking care of the addict. They may clean up after everyone and try to be the black sheep just so the focus is on them and not the addict. This isn’t the responsibility of the child. They should not have to do these things at such a young age. It is important that the addict gets into the best drug rehab centers in California so the kids can be kids again.

Getting a Job Too Early

There are many fourteen-year-old kids and even younger who are out working and taking on odd and ends jobs to cover the bills in the household. Their parent may have an addiction and they may be spending their money from bills on alcohol or drugs. This should not be the responsibility of the children, yet it often is in these situations. This is one of the roles that many kids take on when a family member’s addiction is in play.

Dropping Out of School

Another one of the roles children often take with a family member’s addiction is dropping out of school. They may feel the need to stay home and take care of their family member. Kids of an addict may drop out of school because they are embarrassed for how their parent of family member acts.

These are some of the roles children take on with a family member’s addiction. This is not what kids should be doing and they should be able to have a childhood. If you have an addiction and there are kids in the family who are affected by this, please call the best drug rehab centers in California today.