What Can Methamphetamine Do to You and Your Body?

What Can Methamphetamine Do to You and Your Body?

There are far too many drugs that can be used and abused. So many drugs can lead someone to having an addiction as well. Many people have overcome their addiction with the help of a drug rehab southern California. However, there are still many out there who are still in an addictive lifestyle. Hopefully, there are some searching for help for themselves or someone else. Learning about what Methamphetamine can do to the addict and their body might push some to get treatment.

Direct Side Effects from Methamphetamine

There are different types of side effects that may be caused from the use of this drug. The drug user may experience faster heartbeat, becoming more active, hyperthermia and less fatigue. They may become more talkative, lose their appetite and feel euphoric. Many of these side effects only make the person want to use more and more of this drug. However, there is more happening with the use of Methamphetamine than just these direct side effects. Before more serious things happen, you may want to call a drug rehab southern California.

Physical Health Issues

There are some physical health issues that may start happening when someone is using Methamphetamine as well. They may experience issues with their teeth such as losing teeth or decaying teeth. Some may develop mouth cancer. Others may have sores on their skin which might become itchy. If so, they may pick at the sores and develop an infection. Hair loss is another one of the common effects from using this drug as well. Others who are using this drug may feel like bugs are crawling under their skin. This can lead to paranoia and many other problems too. Those who are already experiencing these issues should get into a drug rehab southern California.

Longer-Term Side Effects from This Drug

In addition to the above side effects, there are some longer-term ones too. The addiction is the most prevalent. However, the person using this drug could develop brain structure changes, reduced functioning of their brain, hallucinations, aggressiveness, violence, memory loss, extreme weight loss and major mood changes. Once things have gotten this far, it is very important that the addict goes into a drug rehab southern California for help in overcoming their addiction.

These are some of the things that happen to the body when someone is using Methamphetamine. If you are on this drug, please call for help and treatment today.