What are Some Symptoms of Alcoholism?

What are Some Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a disease. It is one that is not curable but there are many treatments available to help people overcome the addictive lifestyle. The Northern California drug treatments centers are helpful in treating addicts and their underlying issues. They know how important treatment is to help someone turn their life around. Learning about the symptoms of alcoholism can help many people to see just what is going on in their life. Maybe, then, they will call for help in overcoming their addiction.

Becoming Aggressive

One of the symptoms of alcoholism for many alcoholics is becoming aggressive. Some people become very violent when they drink alcohol. They may get into fights when they never would do that while sober. Some may physically assault someone and end up in jail. Others may yell and scream at people while they are drunk. Becoming aggressive is one of the most common symptoms of being an alcoholic.

Having Mood Swings

Another one of the symptoms of alcoholism is having mood swings. There are so many alcoholics who become very moody when they drink. They may go from being extremely happy to being depressed in just hours. This is mainly due to the way in which alcohol affects the brain. Others may go from feeling sad to becoming angry. The mood swings could be all over the place. That is one reason why it is so important for any alcoholic to get help from Northern California drug treatment centers.

Going Through Withdrawal

There are also many people with alcoholism who will experience withdrawals when they stop drinking for a certain amount of time. Some start experiencing withdrawal symptoms as soon as a few hours after their last drink and others it could be days or weeks. Going through moderate to severe withdrawals from alcohol without medical supervision is dangerous. It is important that any alcoholic going through this call Northern California drug treatment centers right away.

Drinking and Driving

Many alcoholics will drink and drive as well. This is far too common not to put it down as a symptom of alcoholism. Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous. However, when someone starts consuming alcohol they don’t think straight. They make decisions that could negatively impact themselves and others around them.

These are some of the symptoms of alcoholism. Now that you know them, maybe you would like to get treatment from Northern California drug treatment centers or you know someone who needs it.