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Side Effects That Come with an Ecstasy Addiction

Side Effects That Come with an Ecstasy Addiction

There are millions of people who have an ecstasy addiction. Many are still living the addictive lifestyle. However, it is possible to overcome the addiction because there are many who have gotten into the best drug rehab centers in California as well. After experiencing so many of the side effects from this type of addiction, some people hit their rock bottom and see they need help. Hopefully before falling too far, you can see the same.

General Effects from an Ecstasy Addiction

To start with, there are some general side effects that happen when someone is using this drug. Ecstasy is a dangerous and harmful drug. It does destroy lives. Generally, using this drug can lead to sleeping issues, irritability, impulsivity and causing excessive thirstiness. It can also lead to anxiety, aggression, loss of appetite, reduced mental functioning and sweating. Some addicts also experience higher body temperature, chills, nausea, failure of organs, dehydration and an arrhythmia. If you have experienced these side effects and nothing more, get help from the best drug rehab centers in California before the addiction gets worse.

Moderate to Severe Side Effects with This Addiction

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, there are some that are far worse. The first one to mention is the risk of overdosing which has already happened to far too many people. It could also cause panic attacks, fainting, unconsciousness and seizures as well. If any of these things have happened to you be sure to call the best drug rehab centers in California. They have professional staff who can help you overcome the use of this drug and the addiction too.

Withdrawal Symptoms from This Addiction

There are many withdrawal symptoms that often accompany this addiction. Those who are going through withdrawal might experience anxiety and depression. They might also have cravings, paranoia, agitation, fatigue, memory issues and trouble concentrating. These are just some of the basic symptoms of withdrawal. It is safest to go through the detox process at the best drug rehab centers in California.

If you have an ecstasy addiction, seek help today. Don’t wait until further side effects develop. You deserve to have a great life and you can have it. First, you need to overcome your addiction to this dangerous drug. Start that process today by contacting the rehab center and asking for help in treating your ecstasy addiction.