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Side Effects with Hallucinogenic Drugs

Side Effects with Hallucinogenic Drugs

With so many drugs out there that cause an addiction, one of the worst and one that needs to be discussed today, are the hallucinogenic drugs. These drugs are ones that often cause the user to have a “trip”. This is usually quite bad and will cause negative effects on their health and lifestyle. If you have used these drugs, contact the best addiction treatment centers in California today, to start the detox and treatment process. Don’t let any more side effects from this drug happen to you.

General, Short-Term Side Effects

When taking hallucinogenic drugs, there are going to be some general and short-term side effects that occur. For most users of this drug, they experience sleeping problems, dry mouth, panic, sweating, paranoia, loss of coordination and loss of appetite. These may not seem so bad but they can be, especially with the panicking, loss of coordination and paranoia. Those can be very dangerous depending on the situation. If you have used this drug, don’t wait for more severe effects to occur. Call the best addiction treatment centers in California right away.

Longer-Term Effects from Hallucinogenic Drugs

In addition to the short-term effects just mentioned, there are some longer-term effects from these drugs that must be discussed as well. These could include depression and anxiety. Some users of this drug might have extreme weight loss, develop ulcers, experience memory loss or even become suicidal. Others have even had issues with their speech after using these drugs for so long. If you have already experienced any of these side effects, getting into the best addiction treatment centers in California right now is necessary. If you would like to stop your addiction before it gets this far, make that call today.

Withdrawals from This Drugs

It is highly recommended that anyone coming off from hallucinogenic drugs goes into a detox program for the withdrawal process. There are many withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to manage on one’s own. These might include muscle stiffness, higher heart rate, tremors, higher blood pressure, seizures, panic attacks, major mood swings, rage and lack of impulse control. You can overcome this addiction and a rehab center can help.

These are some of the side effects and other information you need to know regarding hallucinogenic drugs. Make sure you call the best addiction treatment centers in California today and talk about your addiction. You can get help starting right away.